Combined Endoscopic-Robotic Resection of a Giant Polyp to Avoid Colorectal Resection

Montserrat Guraieb-Trueba, MD, Víctor Manuel Rivera-Méndez, MD, Juan Carlos Sánchez-Robles, MD

Colorectal Surgery Department, Hospital Central Militar, México City, México (Dr. M. Gurieb-Trueba)
Advanced Endoscopy Department, Hospital Central Militar, México City, México (Dr. V. M. Rivera-Méndez)
Hospital San Ángel Inn Chapultepec, México City, México (Dr. J. C. Sánchez-Robbles)


Colorectal cancer prevention relies on effective screening through colonoscopy and polypectomy. Several techniques and methods have been described to manage complex colonic polyps such as the ones that are endoscopically unresectable. Across time, we have been able to perform less invasive techniques that include different types of colonic resections, ranging from partial thickness, full-thickness and, segmental colectomies, however, none has proven to be the treatment of choice for these lesions. The technique presented here is an attractive alternative to segmental colectomy using a robotic platform to perform a full-thickness resection.

Key Words: Robotic surgery, Combined approach, Polyp, Colon, Colonoscopy, Colon cancer, Minimally invasive surgery.

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