Evidence-Based Management of a Complex Mullerian Anomaly

Elizabeth A. Pritts, MD, Lynn Van Airsdale, DO


Background: Because of inaccuracies in classification of Mullerian duct anomalies (MDAs), subsequent diagnostic and treatment errors have occurred. We present a case of a woman with an MDA that was misclassified.

Case: A woman with a recent spontaneous abortion and chronic dyspareunia was diagnosed with a complete didelphys by magnetic resonance imaging. Her initial treatment plan was based on an incorrect diagnosis. With reevaluation of the magnetic resonance imaging scan, both the appropriate diagnosis was obtained and the appropriate treatment performed.

Conclusion: MDAs have been incorrectly diagnosed because of outdated and incorrect classification systems. Because of outdated and incorrect theories about the embryogenesis of the female genital tract, many women are being incorrectly diagnosed and treated with these abnormalities.

Teaching Points: We will focus of the evidence-based diagnosis and treatment of MDAs with a focus on cooperation between the radiologists who assist in diagnosis and the physicians who care for the patients.

Key Words: Mullerian Duct Anomalies, Diagnosis, Treatment.

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