Endoscopic Deployment of MatriStem for Treatment of a Colorectal Anastomotic Leak

Tara Iorio, PA-C, David Blumberg, MD

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Bandaid Surgery, PC, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (both authors).


Introduction: Endoscopic therapy is a potentially valuable tool for treating colorectal anastomotic leaks and avoids the complications associated with reoperation.

Case Description: This brief report concerns the endoscopic application of an extracellular matrix graft for the treatment of a patient with a complicated anastomotic leak. The patient was successfully treated with no procedureassociated complications and with complete healing of the anastomosis, no stricture development, and normal bowel function.

Discussion: We describe a technique and device for treating colorectal anastomotic leaks.

Key Words: Anastomotic leak, Rectal, Extracellular matrix.

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