Left Inguinal Mass Presenting as an Incarcerated Left Inguinal Hernia in a Woman

Bin Li, MD, Yi-Ping Zhu, MD, Di-Yu Huang, MD, Neng-Yun Zhang, MD, Xian-Fa Wang, MD

Department of General Surgery & Institute of Micro-invasive Surgery, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Hangzhou, China (all authors).


Primary round ligament leiomyoma is uncommon, and an inguinal hernia due to primary round ligament leiomyoma is extremely rare. We present the case of a woman who underwent successful laparoscopic radical excision of this lesion. The patient was admitted with an asymptomatic mass in the left inguinal region suggesting an inguinal hernia. After physical, laboratory, and imaging examinations, a laparoscopic radical excision was performed. Histopathologic studies confirmed the diagnosis of primary round ligament leiomyoma.

Key Words: Hernia, Oncologic surgery, General laparoscopy.

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