Patent Foramen Ovale Closed Before Robotic Radical Prostatectomy

Olivier Pruszkowski, MD, Jérôme Petit, MD, Sylvie Schlumberger, MD, Marc Fischler, MD

Department of Anesthesiology, Hôpital Foch and University Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines, 92150 Suresnes, France (Drs. Pruszkowski, Schlumberger, and Fischler). Department of Cardio-Vascular Radiology, Hôpital Marie-Lannelongue, 92350 Le Plessis-Robinson, France (Dr. Petit).


Introduction: Robotic prostatectomy is considered by many urologists as the new standard of care.

Cases Description: We encountered 2 patients scheduled for a robotic prostatectomy whose past medical history was remarkable for a cerebral palsy that had been considered to be due to a patent foramen ovale. At this time, it was decided that foramen ovale closure was not necessary. Because of the high risk of gas embolism during the robotic prostatectomy, we decided to close the foramen ovale preoperatively. This procedure and the prostatectomy were without any complication.

Conclusions: Our choice of a prophylactic closure of a patent foramen ovale before a procedure at risk of gas embolism is unusual and can be discussed.

Key Words: Foramen Ovale, Laparoscopy, Patent, Prostatectomy, Robotics.

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