Giant Asymptomatic Endovesical Bladder Leiomyoma Laparoscopically Excised

Gonzalo Vitagliano, MD, Ramiro Castilla, Juan Gonzalo Fernandez Long

Department of Urology, German Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina (all authors).


Bladder leiomyomatosis is a rare occurrence. It represents 0.5% of all bladder lesions. An increasing number of these tumors are detected incidentally at an early stage in young women secondary to routine pelvic ultrasonography. Laparoscopic management has been previously reported in lesions smaller than 5 cm. We report a 10-cm asymptomatic endovesical leiomyoma that was laparoscopically excised. Case and outcomes are described and discussed. This case adds to the increasing body of evidence supporting the use of laparoscopy as the preferred approach in every viable scenario.

Key Words: Bladder, Leiomyoma, Laparoscopy.

Download (PDF, 191KB)

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