Laparoscopic Repair of Spontaneous Bladder Perforation Due to Endometriosis

William Kondo, MD, Monica Tessmann Zomer, MD, Teresa Cristina Santos Cavalcanti, MD

Department of Gynecology, Vita Batel Hospital, Paraná, Brazil (Drs Kondo and Zomer). Department of Pathology, Citolab Laboratory, Paraná, Brazil (Dr Cavalcanti).


Introduction: Spontaneous rupture of the bladder is a rare condition that is usually secondary to an underlying pathologic process. We report a rare case of spontaneous bladder rupture due to endometriosis in a young woman.

Case Description: The patient presented with abdominal pain and features of acute renal injury in the absence of prior trauma. She underwent successful laparoscopic repair, and pathology confirmed the presence of endometriosis at the site of perforation.

Discussion: The most important key to prompt diagnosis of bladder rupture is to keep in mind the potential for this disorder to arise in patients with peritonitis, especially in those with urologic symptoms and the features of acute renal failure. It requires immediate surgical treatment to avoid serious life-threatening peritonitis, preferentially by means of laparoscopy in patients with stable conditions.

Key Words: Bladder endometriosis, Endometriosis lesion, Laparoscopic bladder repair, Urinary bladder perforation.

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